2016 A Voice Heard: Visualizing a Hopeful Future Annual Report

I would like to present you with the 2016 A Voice Heard, Visualizing a Hopeful Future Annual Report. This report was done as a follow up to the 2012 A Voice Heard Report. We wanted to talk to the children we serve and find out how the changes the Program has made over the last few years have impacted the children’s lives. We asked the same questions that were asked in the earlier A Voice Heard Report.

More than 100 current and former foster children from circuits across the state were interviewed.  The GAL Program wanted to better understand how initiatives that removed barriers for foster children participating in age-appropriate activities; GAL volunteers ability to transport children; and other GAL projects changed or added to the quality of the GAL volunteer  – child relationship and best interest advocacy.  When reviewing the youth’s responses, it is clear that children still value four basic things: personal interest, advocacy, communication, and trust.  In addition, it is evident that GAL initiatives and programs have changed GAL advocacy for the better.

I would like to thank all of the children, volunteers, and staff that participated in this amazing project. Your time and efforts are truly appreciated. Making a difference in the life of a child is one definition of legacy   Each of you are leaving an impressive legacy.

Thank you!
Alans Signature
Alan F. Abramowitz
Executive Director
Florida Guardian ad Litem Program