GAL Program Partners in “Hanging of Hands”

This week is Florida’s Children’s Week celebrated at the State Capitol. Children’s Week is “a special annual celebration filled with joyful singing voices of young children, the colorful “Hanging of Hands”, and the dedication of thousands of child advocates across Florida, captures the true spirit and commitment Florida has made to our children and youth. This special event and “Labor of Love” by so many of the organizers and volunteers has been a long journey that officially began in 1995 during the tenure of Governor Lawton Chiles.”
One of the important traditions of Children’s Week is the “Hanging of the Hands.” The “Hanging of the Hands” provides “a visual and powerful statement that every set of hands represented a child who was impacted by the policy decisions of the legislature.” This year the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program is a partner in Children’s Week and the Hanging of the Hands. On Sunday, Alan Abramowitz, the Executive Director of the GAL Program and GAL Program supporters came out to help put up tens of thousands hands in the Capitol’s rotunda. Children from all over the state made the tiny hands – creatively showing their talents and representing all of Florida’s children.
The Florida GAL Program is proud to be a part of the celebration of Florida’s children. Thank you to all of the sponsors, partners and supporters of Florida’s Children’s Week.

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