Performance Advocacy Snapshot & Reports

The Guardian ad Litem Program’s sole mission is to advocate for the best interests of dependent children. The practical aim of our advocacy is to achieve the most safe and positive outcomes for them.

Our Program has been recognized as a Davis Productivity Eagle Award winner in 2012 for “streamlining efficiencies to focus on commitment to children” –  highlighting our ability to utilize all of our resources in the most cost-efficient and effective manner possible. Our advocacy team comprised of over 500 Program staff members; 10,000 volunteer advocates and many non-profit organizations diligently pursue these goals in a proven public/private partnership model. Most benefits for dependent children and families are realized when proactive collaboration and teamwork among child welfare agencies, legal organizations and community partners occur. These basic principles provide the foundation for the creation of the Guardian ad Litem Performance Advocacy Snapshot.

Guardian ad Litem Performance Advocacy Snapshot Explained

Additional reports are included below:

Representation Report.  The Representation Report is an in-depth look into the numbers of children and volunteers in each county including:

  • Total Dependent Children
  • Children Appointed to the GAL Program
  • Children in Out of Home Care
  • Total Volunteers
  • Certified Case Volunteers
  • Volunteers that have been Inactive 6 or More Months
  • Discharged Volunteers
  • Children Assigned to a Volunteer
  • Percent of Children with a GAL Volunteer

Dashboard.  The Dashboard is an interactive tool to understand representation by circuit, region, multiple regions, or statewide during a specific selected time frame.

I am proud of and constantly amazed by the commitment, hard work, and results of our GAL staff and volunteers. Florida’s most vulnerable children benefit from their tireless efforts.

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Alan Abramowitz, Executive Director, Florida Guardian ad Litem Program


Advocacy Reports


December 2018

Representation Report

Performance Advocacy SnapShot



*IMPACT SO FAR THIS YEAR Infographic is based on SnapsShot reports above and are cumulative – tabulated monthly, beginning January 1st of the year.  Miles driven are as reported by GAL volunteers.