Audrey Schiebler Volunteer of the Year Award – Christine Hoyne

The GAL Program’s Audrey Schiebler Volunteer of the Year Award is a superlative without comparison!  Florida’s GAL Program has the most caring, dedicated, and creative volunteers whose excellence in advocacy is literally life-altering for children. At the top of these ranks this year is Christine Hoyne from the 16th Circuit. Christine exemplifies the best of the GAL Program: she builds strong relationships with the children she represents, she knows the details of their placements and therapies – what works and what doesn’t, she fights for permanency, and is always there for the child. In a case that Christine dedicated 33 months to, the child is now scheduled to be adopted. Christine’s commitment to the child’s best interests cannot be overstated.  Her team says she is very efficient, intelligent and compassionate, well-respected and admired by all.  Thank you Christine, on behalf of everyone who is for the child!