Executive Director Award – Meliza Frias

Tireless, tenacious advocacy is what won Meliza Frias the Executive Director Award! Meliza is a passionate advocate for all the children she represents, and this commitment was highlighted in a case that started in 2013 involving 4 children from one family separated in different group homes. Meliza was determined to get the children back together and pursued an ICPC in Georgia to place them with a relative. When it was unsuccessful due to financial reasons, Meliza did not take no for an answer. She worked with ICPC personnel to push for reconsideration. Meliza coordinated with CASA in Georgia for a thorough Home Assessment. She advocated for visits, transportation for the children, and even convinced DCF to procure a private agency to walk the relative through the process and was finally able to obtain a positive home study. Because of Meliza’s creative thinking and persistence, the children now live together and have been adopted by the relative. Meliza’s outstanding legal advocacy is a shining example of the GAL Program’s commitment to children’s best interests. Thank you Meliza!