Go the Extra Mile – Volunteer Mileage Reimbursement

We have developed instructions and an automated travel reimbursement worksheet for volunteers to use in requesting reimbursement, please see links below.

All volunteers are eligible to apply for reimbursement for travel if:

  • they travel 25 miles round trip related to advocacy for a child. (i.e. to visit a child they are appointed to represent, or to a sibling or family visit, or an important event in the child’s life such as a college visit, a family event, a job interview, or a relative’s funeral, or a related trip involving training or issue.)
  • they travel any distance to transport a courthouse dog to a GAL-related event where they will comfort or support kids, or
  • they travel out of state or need to fly out of state (NOTE: out of state and air travel require advance approval from the Circuit Director), or
  • they volunteer more than 10 hours a week. If they volunteer more than 10 hours a week, any mileage that is incurred past those 10 hours will be reimbursed.

The Circuit Director can grant exceptions to the above guidelines. If you have any questions regarding filling out the travel vouchers, please contact your local HR and Budget Liaisons in your circuit offices.
Volunteers can use the automated travel worksheet to complete the travel reimbursement form. Volunteers that meet the above criteria for travel will receive reimbursement as long as the funds are available. Please make sure all volunteers fill out the section on “purpose of the trip and successful results.” We will use these success stories to advocate for recurring travel funding in the next legislative session. If you open the automated travel worksheet (Excel file), you will see a button at the bottom that says “Print Travel Voucher Form.”

When the input on the worksheet is complete, hit this button to populate and print a traditional travel reimbursement form. As with any travel reimbursement form, it MUST be signed by the traveler (volunteer). The signature of the CAM is no longer required. Reimbursement forms should be scanned and submitted to the GAL travel mailbox at: travel@gal.fl.gov If you have questions, please call Kevin Askew or David Windle at 850-922-7213.


Volunteer Reimbursement Travel Voucher

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