Honorary Guardians ad Litem – Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Dorothy Bradshaw

ric and dorothy bradshawA Guardian ad Litem is a very special and dedicated individual.  Guardians ad Litem are lead by their hearts, directed by their passion for children, and informed by their life experiences and knowledge of the children they represent.  Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and his wife Dorothy embody the dedication and heart we celebrate at the Guardian ad Litem Program. That is why the Guardian ad Litem Program is celebrating them as Honorary Guardians ad Litem.   Not only have Dorothy and Ric generously donated to the GAL Foundation through the Police Benevolent Association and created videos supporting the Program, they have been personally touched by the work of a guardian ad litem.  They saw first-hand the important work of guardians ad litem when their daughter and her husband adopted a son through the foster care system.   Ric and Dorothy’s grandson is a happy and thriving child.  Sheriff Ric Bradshaw currently leads the largest law enforcement agency in Palm Beach County.  His wife Dorothy is a procurement professional and sits on the Speak Up! For Kids Board.

As busy as Sheriff Ric and his wife Dorothy are – they continually keep the Guardian ad Litem Program and the children involved in Florida’s dependency system in their hearts.

Thank you to our Honorary Guardians ad Litem – Sheriff Ric and Dorothy Bradshaw.