New Video – Become a Pro Bono Attorney for the GAL Program

Become a part of our newest project – Defending Best Interests.  With support from the GAL Appellate Attorneys, you will write briefs in appeals where a judge has found termination of parental rights is in the best interest of the child.  The project offers an opportunity to volunteer with a shorter, more defined time commitment while still enabling attorneys to help a child grow up in a safe permanent home.  Of course, there are other ways to share your legal expertise with Florida’s dependent children.  In addition to the Defending Best Interests project, as a pro-bono attorney with the GAL Program, you can give a child a voice by:

  • representing children with certain special needs (children prescribed psychotropic medications, children placed in or being considered for placement in nursing homes or residential treatment centers, children diagnosed with certain disabilities or children who are victims of human trafficking).
  • becoming a GAL Volunteer Child Advocate.
  • representing a child as an Attorney ad Litem in a traditional attorney-client relationship.

The most rewarding aspect of joining the GAL Program as a pro bono attorney is knowing the immense difference you can make every day in a child’s life.  You can be a voice for that scared child in a courtroom -explaining the legal jargon, and making sure they have someone by their side to ensure their best interests are expressed to the court or as an attorney advocating for their wishes.

To start using your expertise to help a child, fill out our Pro Bono Inquiry Form and we will call you to discuss how you can be a voice for a child as a pro bono attorney.