Sections 39.521 and 39.522 Fla. Stat. (2017)-Order terminating protective services and jurisdiction reversed due to trial court’s failure to comply with requirements of § 39.521(7) and § 39.522(7) of the Florida Statutes

In Interest of S.E., — So.3d —- (2018)

Father appealed the trial court’s order terminating protective services and jurisdiction, reunifying the child with the mother, and denying a motion for rehearing. The Second DCA accepted concessions of error by the Department and the GAL to the extent they acknowledged that the court failed to comply with the requirements of § 39.521(7), as well as § 39.522(1).  The DCA reversed and remanded the portions of the order that terminated supervision and jurisdiction and granted reunification, reminding the trail court that it must comply with all the requirements of Chapter 39.

Practice Tip: Failure to comply with the mandates of Chapter 39 results in unnecessary delays to permanency.

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