GAL Connect! Monthly Webinars


May Webinar

On May 25 at 12 pm you can learn about creating an environment where volunteers feel protected and supported is directly related to the strength of our system as a whole.  The “How Study is Your Tree” webinar addresses ways to reach the mission of being for the child by identifying the roots of your program, effectively building relationships, encouraging empowerment and increasing retention.  Please note this webinar is a very condensed version of what is typically a hands-on, very interactive half-day workshop and is geared towards supervisors of volunteers.

How Sturdy is your Tree?

GAL Connect! Webinar Handouts (May 2017)


February Webinars

On Feb 9th at 1 pm you can Discover the Joy of Leadership with Willy Steiner. You all are leaders and this training will help you explore ways in which you can develop relationships that matter, help make the best use of your time and help you communicate with impact.

On March 1st at 1pm you can learn about Your Top 5 Motivation Questions with Susan Fowler. Ensuring your staff and volunteers remain motivated to do the jobs and assignments is such a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to retention.