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New Attorney TrainingNew Attorney Training & General Dependency

New Attorney Training (January 2017)

New Attorney Training Videos (11.2014)  Videos include:   Foundational Issues – Jurisdiction, Venue, Confidentiality, Parties, Continuances, Shelter Hearing, Dependency Petition, Discovery, ICPC, Arraignment, Pre-Trial, Adjudication and Adjudicatory Hearing, Disposition & Post Dispositional Change of Custody, Case Plans, Judicial Review Hearing Permanency Hearing, TPR, Volunteer Motivation, Trial Skills, Interactive Trial Skills

Dependency Practice Manual (2016)

Florida Dependency Benchbook

Child Trafficking

Trafficking of Children – Child’s Best Interest Attorney Training Powerpoint  (2017)

Checklist Human Trafficking

Child Welfare and Human Trafficking (2015). This issue brief provides a broad overview of the crossover between the child welfare field and the work currently being done to prevent and respond to human trafficking of children and youth in the United States. There is a particular focus on sex trafficking of children and youth, because that trafficking type is more likely to affect the child welfare population.

Keeping Children Safe Act

Keeping Children Safe Act PowerPoint (2016)

Attorney Conference Calls

Attorney conference calls provide up-to-date information on topics related to legal advocacy. These trainings are conducted by both Program staff and experts from outside the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program. Each hour long presentation has been approved for CLE credit (CLE Credit is good for 18 months from the Conference Date). You will find audio files of these conference calls as well as practice aids and materials provided by the lecturer. If you are an attorney and would like to receive CLE credit for listening to the audio file, please visit the Florida Bar website and submit the course number provided to receive CLE credit.  Topics this year  include:

  • Independent Living Refresher
  • Adoption Subsidy Issues
  • Educational Surrogacy and GAL Advocacy
  • Common Challenges Filing and Adopting Petitions
  • Registry Fees in Dependency – How to Get Paid
  • Medicaid
  • Playing with a Full Deck: Motion to Compel
  • Bridging the Gap for Transitioning Youth with Developmental Disabilities: From Foster Care to Adulthood

Guardian ad Litem Disabilities Conference Videos and Materials (2014-2016)

Along with the videos you will find PowerPoint presentations and helpful resources and practice aids.

2016 Florida Guardian ad Litem Disabilities Training Conference -A Voice Heard More than 10,000 Strong.

2015 Florida Guardian ad Litem Disabilities Training Conference – Imagining the Future.  

2014 Florida Guardian ad Litem Disabilities Training Conference

Other Topics

Promoting Normalcy for Children and Youth in Foster Care (2015). The guide includes a detailed overview of why normalcy is crucial to health child and adolescent development and the federal requirements prioritizing normalcy for foster youth.


GAL Dependency Practice Manual CHECKLISTS 2016