B.J. v. Department of Children and Families, 2016 WL 1578492 (Fla. 3rd DCA)

Mother appealed an order of adjudication and disposition of dependency. The Third District Court of Appeal (Third DCA) reversed adjudication.Mother and Father were spending the weekend in a hotel with their two children. Mother co-slept with the children, while Father slept on a pull-out sofa. Mother awoke and found their 4 month old child cold […]

H.C. v. Department of Children and Family Services and Guardian ad Litem Program, 141 So.3d 243 (Fla. 3d DCA 2014)

Father appealed an order adjudicating his children dependent based on a finding of abuse pursuant to § 39.01(2), Florida Statutes.   The Department Children and Family Services (Department) alleged abuse of Father’s two-year-old child based on “two purple-green, non-patterned bruises” and a “purple loop mark” on the child’s thigh.  Testimony at the dependency adjudication hearing was […]