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Through our volunteers, we meet our mission to advocate and represent Florida’s abused, neglected, and abandoned children. When a child is in the dependency court system due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment, the judge stands in the parent’s shoes and must protect the child. When a judge appoints the Florida Guardian ad Litem Office, we use a multi-disciplinary team approach that includes a trained volunteer, an attorney, and a certified child advocate manager. The team approach is a nationally recognized best practice to represent a child’s best interests, including legal interests.

In Florida, the only type of attorney in the courtroom who must provide all information regarding the child and family situation to the judge is a Guardian ad Litem Attorney. A judge makes decisions for the child based on the information provided. 

While every component of the multi-disciplinary team is crucial to the success of the representation of the child, volunteers providing their time, skills, mentorship, empathy, and good judgment are the backbone of our Office. 

As a volunteer, you are responsible for gathering facts surrounding a child’s case, reviewing reports, finding out the child’s wants and desires, visiting a child’s home, school, or placement, and providing the court with an unbiased recommendation on what is required to serve the child’s best interests. The volunteer assists in providing the judge with the information needed and what the child wants to decide what is in the child’s best interests.

To become a volunteer, you must pass a background check, provide three letters of reference, participate in an interview, and complete training.

Every child needs a stable adult in their life; you can be that person. Complete the volunteer inquiry form to begin changing a child’s life.

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