Director’s Message

I am often asked what the Florida Guardian ad Litem Office is. The Guardian ad Litem Office consists of Florida’s most exemplary volunteers, attorneys, child welfare professionals, and community partners working tirelessly together and advocating for the legal interests of Florida’s most vulnerable children, the abused, neglected and abandoned.  The way we make a difference is by representing the whole child.  You support the children and families we serve by supporting the Guardian ad Litem Office.

Our volunteers dedicate their time, passion, skills, empathy, and sound judgment to become mentors, someone they can trust and depend on. Even though I have been a part of the Office for years, it still amazes me the impact one caring and consistent adult can make in a child’s life.  Florida Guardian ad Litem representation aligns with the child welfare system’s goal to serve children’s best interests. It is the most developmentally appropriate, efficient, and effective way to promote the child’s safety, health, and well-being. 

The Guardian ad Litem Office utilizes a nationally recognized multi-disciplinary team approach to provide advocacy and legal representation for over 37,000 children in Florida in 2021. Our approach allows us to know the child, understand what they want and need (which many times is not the same thing), and be their voice and advocate for them in the courtroom and their community. Together with our partners, we build a better future for our children.

Thank you for your interest, for getting involved, and for choosing to be part of our award-winning team.  Being a part of the Florida Guardian ad Litem Office has been and continues to be the most rewarding experience of my career. I am honored to be associated with people who give so much to the children in our communities. I continue to learn from the children we represent, and I am humbled in our representation of them, giving them a voice and helping them find their own. 

Dennis W. Moore
Interim Executive Director
Statewide Florida Guardian ad Litem Office